The River: 20 feet and counting


Yesterday I measured and realized I had 10 feet done already! I felt very accomplished…


My lovely hostess, Jane, owns a fabulous stash of yarn which she let me dig through and then donated some great skeins to the river project. As we were going through the tub of goodies we found an old unfinished project made of gorgeous light blue Colinette wool–the piece just happened to be approximately 12″ wide & 6′ long–PERFECT!  And that beautiful Jane gave me that HUGE piece without blinking.


Suddenly, my 10 feet of river jumped to almost 16, which motivated me to get knitting again.  I dug in and added more knitting to the top & bottom of Jane’s contribution, getting it up to 10′, then stitched both my 10′ sections together.

river_20 cath1

I’m thrilled to have 20+ feet today….only 1480 +/- more feet to go!  Though a little bird wrote me today to tell me he’s knitting 20 FEET for me!  I can’t wait for all the other bits to start coming in to see what folks are doing and how things all start to fit together. I’ve already started on section 3 today. I am knitting 10′ sections at a time and will be attaching them in 50′ increments for ease in handling.  On we go…




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